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Promotional Products Concierge

Distributors of promotional products are always looking for the next BIG thing to take to their clients. In today's "trash and trinket filled" marketplace, companies are tired of giving away products that easily break and end up in the trashcan or underneath your car seat. It's time to stop treating customers like children by giving them cheap toys with a company's logo on it.

Maestro allows companies to give customers something everyone needs, The Gift of Time!

Although most companies distribute Maestro by giving them VIP cards or customized cards, Maestro can be added to any product. By providing a personal concierge with a product, the perceived value of that product and the customer perception of the company that gifted the service is undoubtedly increased.

The Maestro service can be printed on virtually any product imaginable. Here are some of the items we have printed on in the past: pens, coffee mugs, ice scrapers.

The four things that we recommend be printed on your promotional item to be successful is:

  • Your company name or logo
  • Announcement of the personal concierge
  • The phone number for them to call
  • An activation number that we supply